reminder // GIVEAWAY

My lovely fashion seekers - for once it doesn't matter if you've been bad or good. Christmas is just around the corner and I...
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London, calling! Meet: HAVREN

Fashion seekers from the UK, do me a favour: please turn a deaf ear for a moment for I can already guess your answers. For al...
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giveaway // santa got a little something for you

Santa (aka Katinka) got a little something  for you! Win the DYRBERG/KERN ring here: 
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new shoes: comfy & unique (kind of)

Hello Fashion Seekers! Thank you all for your great advices regarding my ZARA's shoes question . We all agreed that  ZARA &#...
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rich and regal - Dolce & Gabbana Fall '13

I'm all for minimalism. No bling-bling for me. Lately black, white & gray are the primary colors of my daily uniform. The onl...
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kiss me at oxford street

The freezing season is here, it's officially winter. That means it's also time for a new lip color. Dark lips were huge on th...
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Dear Santa ...

Writing a list of wishes for Christmas is fun. I haven't done that in years. But hey, we never grow too old for wish lists, do ...
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currently around my neck: vintage necklace

I discovered this necklace on a flea market . No need to tell you that it was love at first sight. These filigree leaves, the color. It&...
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