journal: turn the page & find your own style

2013 was all about finding the right style. Both, for me and for the blog. Six month of blogging are lying behind me. Whereas the blog found it's perfect appearance - my wardrobe is still far from perfection.  

When the thought of creating a fashion blog first crossed my mind I knew little about what it really means to run a blog. In the start even the basics gave me a headache. Wordpress or Blogger? SEO? HTML & CSS? Google Analytics? 


But with time (and a "little" help from Copy Paste Love and 5202) I have managed to create the layout I have dreamed of. Mission accomplished, so let's move on! 

It's time to focus on what really matters: the content. Both, of the blog and of my wardrobe. I don't want my blog to be about consumerism. I don't buy new stuff every single week and I don't want to. I actually own a very small amount of clothing. My goal for the months to come is to bring my tiny wardrobe to perfection. Details still have to be figured out but the principal points are: 

1) reduce bad bargains
2) buy items that will last longer that only one season
3) increase the quality of my wardrobe

Let's start in January with thoughts on the famous 5 piece french wardrobe. Are you ready for new fashion adventures? Join me, I'm sure, it's going to be fun! 


  1. über French Wardrobe kann ich als Französin ein bisschen was sagen hoffe ich. Nichts ist besseres als Schwarze und Weisses T-Shirt! Ein weisses Hemd, ein Kaschmir Pulli, schwarze Pumps und als Accessoires ein schal, falls es etwas kälter wird

  2. Sehr interessante Gedanken. :-) Ich bin dabei und schau im Januar mal hier rein. Gefällt mir!

    Liebe Grüße!

  3. Schicker Blog. ;)

    Grüße Eric

  4. Thats so true, I need to reevaluate my wardrobe as well because I just buy a lot of pieces I don't even end up wearing instead of focusing on quality. Happy New Year!

  5. good luck gal!
    Happy New Year~!


  6. it's true we need to reevaluate our wardrobe and increase the quality!
    maybe we can follow each other? let me know
    Curly Glow

  7. Happy new year, love :) ein wirklich sinnvolles Projekt dass du angehst.werde spannend mitverfolgen was du dazu schreiben wirst ;)