borrowed from the boys

Do you love to wear fragrances that are not too floral or girly? Then it's time to expand your choices: Why don't you (in the spirit of Diana Vreeland) ...

... try a men's scent? Does that sound odd? Not a bit. Much, if not all, fragrance is unisex. It's the packaging, marketing and strength of the fragrance that categorizes it as "male" or "female". Off we go, Ladies, new adventures ahead! 

My two favorite men's scents are Pi from Givenchy and La Nuit de L'Homme from Yves Saint Laurent. Both smell simply divine and are not too overpowering masculine.

How about you? Do you use men's scents? Recommendations?


  1. Some men's fragrances are lovely and I would wear them for sure.

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  2. Hello dear, beautiful blog and great fragrance :) i follow you with pleasure on bloglovin, instagram and facebook, if you want to pass by me :)

    kiss Tea