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Is that true? Does all beauty die? Lately I saw an interview with Hannelore Elsner - a german actress I truly adore. The Grande Dame is already 71 but is still a real beauty. She is full of life, still curious, so enthusiastic and passionate about life. To me she is the living proof that age or wrinkles have nothing to do with real beauty. Period. Nevertheless - I just bought my first anti-aging products ...

Stupid is who stupid does. Quite right, Forrest. Deep inside I know that all the care products in the whole wide world will not stop the the natural process of aging. Not even the CHANEL products, I'm afraid. However - if I had the money I'd probably buy them anyway. Stupid is ... and so on.

As I still got my THINK DIRTY thing going on (I'm trying to get more natural when it comes to my beauty cabinet), I chose WELEDA's Wild Rose Smoothing Eye Cream. It promises to diminish puffiness and fine lines and to soothe tired and strained eyes. It's fragrance free and can be used day or night. Plus: It's suitable for vegetarians. Well, time will tell. 

Speaking of vegetarians. I think it's time for another project. EAT CLEAN

But for now I'm curious about your beauty secrets. Every single tipp is welcome!