journal: in short

I love Instagram. Unlike Twitter. After being a member of the Twitter-Community for some month I finally faced the truth: I have nothing to twitter. Which is kind of a surprise as I really love words. And in fact some guys out there really know the trick. Twitter in combination with a dull TV show is pure fun. I found myself reading tweet after tweed rather than actually focusing on the TV show. As a consequence I deleted my account. But Instagram, it‘s really all I need. 

In the beginning I just used it to follow celebrities I liked. I enjoyed seeing snapshots taken by fashion models like Karolina Kurkova or Coco Rocha. With time I started posting photos myself. Can you believe that I felt quite shy about that in the start? Like with blogging too I needed some time to feel comfortable about the fact that I send my photos "out there". By now I use Instagram to capture and share special or funny moments, to inspire (isn't the Alexander Wang cropped shirt amazing?) and (even more important) to get inspired and - of course - to announce new blog posts on my blog.

How about you? What is your favorite social network? Do you use Instagram? What do you use it for? Let's connect!


  1. I follow you on Instagram and have to is my favorite social media platform! I think you used the best term, "inspire". I love following my favorite bloggers, models, and designers. It's a space to share, to be inspired, and to inspire others :)

    1. What's your user name on Instagram? I want to follow back - in case I don't follow back already! :)
      Have a good weekend!

    2. You can find my snaps at @zoeyohn :) XX

  2. Amazing pics... The boots are great and the cake looks delicious :)
    I'm a huge fan of Instagram :)
    I follow you now on bloglovin... Would be too happy if you follow back! :)

  3. Great photo diary. :) I really love your overview. The ballerina pic is lovely.

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