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Time to celebrate! This is my 100th post on ktinka. Time flies! One of the very first posts on my blog was talking about bags I adore. Isn't a Hermès bag the ultimate french chic? Among those bags was also a tote bag by Karl Lagerfeld. And here we go again: Good things come to those who wait.

After what seemed like a never ending search for the perfect (and affordable) tote bag I finally found what I was looking for AND what I was dreaming of. A black tote bag with the perfect size, the perfect look, a certain quality and an "on sale" price tag. AND it was designed by Karl Lagerfeld, who is the most entertaining, amusing and inspiring person in the whole fashion world. (The book The World According To Karl is definitely on my wish list.) From now on I'll carry my daily essentials with style. Hurray!