m o c c a s i n s

These soft suede moccasins stole my heart. Moccasins! So far I haven't been a big fan of this shoe type - but with these 5th Avenue moccasins it's different. They are much more feminine than the regular ones and rather seem to be a mixture ...

... between ballerinas (a fashion classic) and moccasins. They're classic and yet stylish to wear. Perfect for off-duty days and lazy, hazy weekends. I can't wait to slip them on and mix them with different types of denim. Styled with cuffed jeans for an elegant look. Or, to give it some sort of edge, with boyfriend (or even ripped) jeans. My dear fashion seekers, what do you think?


  1. die sind richtig schön:)
    wir würden uns total freuen wenn du auch mal bei uns vorbei schauen würdest.
    liebe grüße♥♥

  2. These are incredibly stylish and simple. They are a must have for fall!

  3. These look adorable! Would you mind sharing a link to where we can buy it from? Thanks x

    1. I tried to find them online but I guess they are sold out. Anyway: I bought them at Deichmann, which is a german shoe shop, the brand it called 5th Avenue. I don't know where you are from, so I don't know if this information is helpful.




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