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Ready for Advize?

Steht ihr manchmal auch ratlos vor eurem Kleiderschrank und wisst einfach nicht weiter? Das Fashion Universum kann voller Fragen sein: Wie ...
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drop the cookie | THE BODY BOOK by Cameron Diaz

I have a confession to make. I am a sugar addict. Another (even more) embarrassing fact: I have cried once because I couldn't hav...
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books on my nightstand: Diana Vreeland

DV. This book is an absolut must-have - and not only for fashion seekers. Let me quote Ms. magazine : "D.V. is a champagne part...
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journal: in short

I love Instagram . Unlike Twitter . After being a member of the Twitter-Community for some month I finally faced the truth: I have no...
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read: »angezogen« oder »der teufel & prada«

About which »royal privilege«  Christian Louboutin  may have quarreled with the Sun King  Louis XIV ? What have  Bonaparte ,  ...
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